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Track the microbiome clinical trial and drug landscape with Beacon Microbiome

What we cover

Beacon Microbiome covers all pharmaceutical grade microbiome-based therapeutics across all disease indications. The database includes:

  • Live biotherapeutics
  • Whole ecosystem derived products
  • Inactivated microbes
  • Bacteriophages
  • Microbiome targeting molecules
  • Microbiome sourced molecules

All nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, medical foods and diagnostics are excluded.

How Beacon helps

Here are some examples of how Beacon Microbiome can accelerate your research programs:

  • Search for microbiome drugs across all stages of development so you can stay on top of new approaches in drug design.
  • Drastically reduce manual research time with our database solution which allows you to rapidly navigate data for analysis based on microbiome targets, species, therapy type and much more.
  • Real-time updates to help you keep track of new players, new assets and entries into the clinic which is vital in such a rapidly developing field.

How Beacon Microbiome works

Search the trial and drug landscape by microbial species, target factor and therapy type, alongside other search criteria to instantly extract the data points you need to conduct more complex analyses.

Our unique Milestones filter and visualization highlights past, present, and future drug development milestones including drug and trial readouts, asset history, and regulatory announcements. This enhancement provides an accurate, timely and exhaustive single-drug timeline allowing you to benchmark progress in the microbiome space.

How we target the data

We house all publicly available sources of data updated within 24 – 48 hours of publication proactively.  Our sources cover (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical trials registries
  • Scientific journals and publications
  • Company reports and presentations
  • Press releases
  • Conference reports and abstracts
  • Government and regulatory organizations
  • Newspapers and other media
  • Patents

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What our customers say

Beacon is a great database that people should pay attention to. It's much better than many of the more generic databases that try to capture all data about everything

Top Biotech Company

Our Microbiome Expert

Ada Lam is the lead research analyst for Beacon Microbiome.

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We are a clinical trial and pipeline database solution, designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals. We track targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth and real-time information in the rapidly evolving landscape of drug development.