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7th CAR-TCR Europe Summit 2024

February 27-30, 2024 | London, UK

Cell therapy continues to transform the oncology field with advances across in vivo engineering and novel armouring enhancements, but this year has also seen the translation of cell therapies’ curative potential into the autoimmune space to capitalise on their targeting abilities. Despite investment challenges, innovation not slowing for those working in CAR-T and TCR drug development, as the mission to engineer a disease-free world remains front of mind.

Providing exclusive access to the most cutting-edge advances across pre-clinical platforms, clinical advances, and streamlined manufacturing, the 7th CAR-TCR Summit Europe is your must-attend forum to stay at the forefront of cell therapy innovations.

Joining 300+ industry experts and world-leading speaker faculty is Beacon’s Lead Research Analyst, Rachel East. Set to deliver ‘A Landscape Overview of CAR & TCR Therapies’, Rachel’s seminar promises to review the current trends in the CAR & TCR therapy landscape as well as look to the future and analyse solid tumour progress and novel non-oncology disease indications. You can find out all the details of the seminar online now or get access to the full event guide here.

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8th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit

February 28 – March 1, 2024 | San Diego, MA

With increased liquid biopsy approvals and investments, there remains a critical need, their potential for early disease detection, real-time monitoring, and personalized treatment has reached an inflection point.  To further increase patient access to precision drugs, there remains a critical need for higher sensitivity, clinical validation, regulatory harmonization, and improved market access for patients.

As such, the 8th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit returns as the definitive industry-led forum to address these challenges and will cover the full end-to-end of liquid biopsy development with exclusive content including:

  • Exploring innovative biomarkers for precision oncology to enhance disease progression understanding for guided treatment responses
  • Utilizing novel multiomic and AI/ML technologies to detect circulating biomarkers at an increased accuracy to enable early and precise disease prognosis
  • Benchmarking surrogate endpoints in clinical trials to predict accurate clinical outcomes and tailor precision oncology for improved survival rates.
  • Navigating the reimbursement and regulatory landscapes through cross-sector collaborations to expand commercialization and access to biomarker testing

Joining a prestigious speaker faculty, our Biomarkers & Assays Research Lead, Dasha Kaloujskaia, will be delivering a landscape review of ctDNA in Lung Cancer, delving into the clinical market as well as assessing the regulatory space and what this means for overcoming challenges in precision oncology.

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14th World ADC London 2024

March 12-15, 2024 | London, UK

Antibody-drug conjugates are the moment right now, with the past year celebrating new approvals, positive clinical data, and over 300 ADCs in various stages of clinical development promising a bright future for these therapies in the fight against cancer.

As the field enters a new era with pipelines continuing to expand for 2024 and beyond, the 14th World ADC London will be your opportunity to reflect on the drivers of success behind the superstar drugs ENHERTU and ELAHARE, discuss exciting novel approaches to drug-conjugate design, finetune translation, understand novel mechanisms of action, combat off-target toxicities and streamline manufacturing processes.

Jia He, our Antibodies and Biologics Manager will be joining the pre-conference speaker faculty to ‘Explore the Rise in ADC Combination Clinical Trials‘, whilst our ADC Insights Lead, Jake Morris, joins the Clinical Lessons track on Day 2 to assess the current state of the ADC landscape. Sharing more data and insights than we have ever before at World ADC, these presentations are not to be missed! You can find out more details online or in the full event guide now.

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9th Innate Killer Summit

March 18-20, 2024 | San Diego, CA

This year the Innate Killer Summit holds significant importance for achieving and learning from clinical progress, fostering investor confidence, and realizing the potential of the wide range of therapies directed at natural killer (NK) cells. Collaborative efforts within the community, involving collective brainstorming and data sharing, become crucial as key companies optimize resources to prioritize clinical development. 

The meeting specifically focuses on advancing NK engager, bispecific, cell therapy and combination therapy approaches to the clinic to improve the clinical durability and streamline manufacturing to realize the potential of NK therapies across 3 dedicated tracks: Preclinical, Clinical Translation, CMC & Process Development, to brainstorm with industry pioneers on the best approaches to enhance efficacy and persistence as well as reduce the cost of production.

Rachel East, our Lead Research Analyst for Cell Therapy, will be joining the world-class speaker faculty and opening Day 1 with an NK landscape analysis. This presentation is set to discuss the most promising and innovative NK cell engagers, engineered and non-engineered NK cell therapies, and combination therapy approaches currently in development, the emerging technologies or platforms that are shaping the future of these approaches in research and development, and current trends in funding and investment that are influencing the pace of innovation in the space. You can download the full event guide to learn more details about this talk and the rest of this jam-packed conference here.

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7th Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit 2024

March 18-20, 2024 | Boston, MA

Returning for the seventh year, the 7th Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Summit will lean into the industry’s key challenges from details of T-cell assays in preclinical and larger clinical studies; to pioneering CAR-Treg, mRNA-LNP, biologic, peptide, approaches, and updates on proof-of-concept and ongoing clinical programs.

This is your comprehensive guide to define your pipeline and therapeutic development strategy for 2023, delve into your opportunity to create tolerizingcurative, strategies for autoimmunity, and tap into your tolerance strategy to tackle immunogenicity and transform the biologic landscape.

Joining the 100+ senior decision makers from C-level executives to senior scientists is Beacon’s Immune Tolerance expert team, set to deliver a landscape analysis of auto-antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies for autoimmune diseases. More details about the presentation can be found here or inside the full event guide.

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4th TPD Summit Europe 2024

March 19-21, 2024 | London, UK

As the industry consolidates pipelines and heads out of a turbulent 2023 market, the targeted protein degradation engine has shown no signs of slowing.

The 4th TPD Summit Europe returns as Europe’s definitive meeting for uniting Targeted Protein Degradation professionals within Europe and across the globe to explore novel degrader development with new E3 ligase/ligand discovery, overcome safety concerns in PROTACs, and rationally discover molecular glues to deliver clinically approved degraders to high-value targets and patients in need.

Across 3-days, Beacon’s Lead Research Analyst, Katie Spooner, will join the 35+ world-class TPD speaker faculty to uncover the bivalent degrader landscape, by taking a deep dive into the current bivalent degrader data available, including PROTACs, and looking into prospects of novel bivalent degrades. More information about Katie’s presentation during the Preclinical, Translational & Clinical Considerations Track can be found here or in the event guide available to download now.

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