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Despite some high-profile setbacks and dropped assets, the cytokine drug-development landscape continues to flourish. In our exclusive webinar, our expert panel delved into the landscape, showcased the shift in targets, and assessed the effect of the continued challenges being faced by drug developers, to provide an extensive analysis of the dynamic landscape. Key aspects explored included:

  • A comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape, including cytokines as monotherapies and in combinations
  • Insights into the emerging trends of interleukin targets, including IL-2, IL-7, and IL-12
  • A picture of what we can likely expect ahead based on drugs that have been translated into the clinic so far this year
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Aysha Saeed
Cytokine Lead Research Analyst


Priya Soneji
Account Manager

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Beacon Cytokine covers clinical trial and drug records for clinical, preclinical, approved and discontinued cytokine-related therapies. The database includes all cytokines and drugs that target a cytokine or its immediate receptor belonging to the following families:

  • Interleukins (ILs)
  • Interferons (IFNs)
  • Colony stimulating factors (CSFs)
  • Transforming growth factor β (TGF-β)
  • Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
  • Chemokines

The database covers all disease indications (oncology and non-oncology) and all therapeutic classes to provide a complete, detailed and multi-dimensional landscape of the cytokine space.

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Search the trial and drug landscape by cytokine class and method of molecular engineering alongside other search criteria including diseasetargettherapeutic class, developer, plus more to instantly extract the data points you need to conduct more complex analyses.

Our unique Milestones filter and visualization highlights past, present, and future drug development milestones including drug and trial readouts, asset history, and regulatory announcements. This enhancement provides an accurate, timely, and exhaustive single-drug timeline allowing you to benchmark progress in the cytokine space.







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