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To conclude this landscape review series, this complimentary webinar with the Beacon DDR team provided additional analysis on the reports and offered an opportunity to ask any questions about the data.

This webinar uncovered further analysis of:

  • The Clinical Trial Landscape –  A 2022 recap and the key developments made over the past year, top disease indications, non-PARP targets and combination trials.
  • The Drug Landscape – The current drug landscape with a focus on PARP1-selective and cell cycle checkpoint assets, repair pathways, targets and more.
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Kieran Pinto
DDR Research Analyst


Frank Plowden
Account Manager

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What is Beacon DDR?


Beacon DNA Damage Response (DDR) covers trial and drug records for clinical, preclinical, approved and discontinued therapeutics targeting key points in DNA damage response pathways.  

This module identifies drugs utilizing the concept of synthetic lethality, and covers DDR repair pathway components, including: 

  • Damage Sensors  
  • Signalling/Mediator Proteins  
  • Effector Proteins  
  • Cell Cycle Checkpoints  
  • DNA Metabolism when in relation to repair and recombination  

Several key therapeutic targets in the DDR landscape are also included within the search capabilities.

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Our DDR Team

Kieran Pinto – DDR Research Analyst

Frank Plowden – Account Manager

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