This charter outlines the promises we make to you regarding how data is collected, processed, and aggregated while continuing to provide a world-class data, research and insight platform.

  1. We pledge to keep your personal information safe, in line with our Privacy Policy and comply with all data compliance regulations pertaining to your country of residence.
  2. We will keep all user & personal data confidential and will not share it with any third parties without your prior written consent.
  3. Any user data we do collect will only be used internally to inform platform maintenance and improvements and/ or allow us to make recommendations to you, based on your activity.
  4. Any aggregation of user data that takes place will only be used for internal purposes and anonymized to ensure your data is kept confidential and no industry inference can take place.
  5. As a Beacon user, you will be automatically opted in to receive newsletters, notifications of our latest monthly digest and any saved search alerts or drug/trial updates that you set up. We may also contact you with marketing communications promoting related Hanson Wade events and products. You retain the right to opt-out of marketing communications at any time.
  6. All data stored, be that personal or user data, will be kept secure and accessible only to internal agents. We will notify you of any breach within 72 hours in accordance with the UK GDPR regulations.
  7. We pledge to be open, honest and transparent in how we use, monitor and analyze any user data we collect and will inform you of any changes via this charter.


  1. Definitions
    • Personal Data – Pertaining to any information relating to an identified or an identifiable person primarily in reference to unique identifiers such as email, mobile number, customer ID, financial information and specific geographic location.
    • User Data – Pertaining to any information relating to behavioral or activity-based data collated through your use of the platform including, but not limited to; search criteria, PDF downloads, page views, saved search, alerts, watch lists, marketing content downloads, excel exports etc.