Who's it for?

Scientific strategy leaders

Beacon’s niche approach helps save time by focusing on the therapeutic modalities most relevant to you. Benchmark your opinions and strategy against your rivals and market norms quickly and accurately.

Translational scientists & early clinical leads

Quickly and accurately screen your candidates against rival programs. Learn how they are tackling translation challenges by comparing IND practices, biomarkers and assay development tactics.

Research scientists

Rapidly assemble comprehensive target landscapes so you can optimize target discovery. Also benchmark preclinical and clinical performance against existing development programs.

Competitive intelligence

Create competitive landscapes for therapeutic class, disease, target and format in minutes and keep them up to date. This provides proactive insight for your organisation to make the best decisions.

Contract research and manufacturers

Optimise your prospect development plans by analysing the most up-to-date pipeline conversion ratios. Stay ahead of your competitors with timely and comprehensive sector-specific data and analysis.

Business development, partnerships & licensing

Understand the landscape for partnering, in licencing and collaboration in unrivalled detail to ensure that any investment decisions are backed by comprehensive scientific rationale.

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What our customers say

“I look forward to using Beacon. It saves me hours of trawling through false positive results to my searches.”

Head of Competitive Intelligence
Multinational Pharmaceutical Company