Advanced keyword search options


Search by field names 
  • Filter by specifically searchable information 

UpdateMessage:”2020 Publication added” 

TrialStatus/Name:”Expanded Access (Approved for marketing)” 

`$filter=TrialStatus/Name eq ‘Expanded Access (Approved for marketing)’ 


Search by ranges 
  • Searches within or after a given date/date range 

$filter=TrialLastRevisionDate gt 2021-08-09T00:00:00Z and TrialLastRevisionDate lt 2021-08-15T23:59:59Z 


Search by wildcards 
  • ? replaces a single character 
  • * replaces zero or more characters 

TrialStatus/Name:”Expanded Access*” 


Search by boolean operators + Search by grouping 
  • All Boolean operators are available to bring complexity to your search. 

“2020 Publication added”+(“Active not recruiting”|”Completed”) 


Useful Links 

The above is not exhaustive and we encourage you to learn more about Cognitive searching: 

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