Beacon Checkpoint - The New Immune-Oncology Checkpoint Therapy Trial Paradign - Dec 2020


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Covid-19 implications for trial registrations

With the unprecedented number of new investigational agents and companies in IO, it is difficult to track the current agents in clinical development and their clinical trials progress. Yet more challenging is making an assessment of the likely impact of the coronavirus pandemic. (Download the article to find out more)

COVID-19 Caution in the Clinic

While the trend for combination trials shows no sign of slowing at present, the impact of the pandemic for R&D cannot be ignored.

Pre-COVID-19, combination therapies under consideration for future investigation in a clinical setting – such as the interaction of PD(L1) and chemotherapy – were being widely explored.

Post-COVID-19, and the attainment of synergy with such assets now appears more complex due to the risk of immune-mediated adverse effects. This main factor here is that the interplay of COVID-19 and the immune system has been associated with the development of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

The ‘next normal’ for the checkpoint trial space

The specific trial issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to continue providing researchers with obstacles to navigate for the short to medium term – or at least until widespread adoption and availability of authorized COVID-19 vaccines heralds a resumption of normal activities. (Download the article to find out more)

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