Webinar Leaders

Vasiliki Zochiou

House Speaker

Vasiliki Zochiou
Lead Adoptive Cell Analyst
Beacon Targeted Therapies
Paul Rennert CSO Aleta Therapeutics


Paul Rennert
 Aleta Therapeutics
John Maher CSO Leucid Bio

Guest Speaker

John Maher
Leucid Bio
Gang Zeng CEO T-Cure Bioscience

Guest Speaker

Gang Zeng 
T-Cure Bioscience
Peggy Sotiropoulou Head of R&D Celyad Oncology

Guest Speaker

Peggy Sotiropoulou
Head of R&D
Celyad Oncology
Siler Panowski Director of Biology, Solid Tumors Allogene Therapeutics

Guest Speaker

Siler Panowski 
Director of Biology, Solid Tumors
Allogene Therapeutics

About this webinar



The road remains challenging, with many barriers to approval. Despite the barriers, investment continues to flow, with the hope that a novel cell therapy will break the barriers and pave the way for new treatment options for patients. Our expert panel from across the industry will discuss the roadblocks to getting approvals for solid tumor cell therapies and what are the strategies that developers are utilising to overcome these obstacles.

  • Insight on the trends emerging from landscape and what cutting edge innovation technology is spurring the growing investment into solid tumor cell therapy research.
  • A comprehensive overview of the competitive solid tumor cell therapy landscape acknowledging the key players leading the field.
  • Practical considerations from leading industry experts on navigating cell therapy development for solid tumors.
  • A picture of what we can likely expect ahead based on recent approvals and late stage activity.
  • Your prime opportunity to seek answers to all your drug development questions during the webinar.
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In collaboration with
Aleta T-Cure Allogene LeucidCelyard

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