OVs, transgenes and combinations: a multipronged attack on hard-to-treat cancers

Loading OVs with transgenes offers a huge platform to enhance immune stimulation and introduce a second mechanism of action, in addition to oncolysis. When a transgene-loaded OV is used in combination with another therapeutic agent, the antitumor effect has the potential to be multidimensional.

  • 43% of all OV assets carry a transgene
  • 73% of OVs used to treat glioma, pancreatic cancer or mesothelioma carry a transgene
  • 77% of OVs used in combination to treat glioma, pancreatic cancer or mesothelioma carry a transgene

A further 13% of OVs used in trials of hard-to-treat cancers have multiple transgenes.

Key Learnings

The use of OVs in combinations is growing, both in the volume of trials and diversity of combination approaches, with immune checkpoint therapies leading the way.

GMCSF remains the front-runner in both numbers of drugs and the number of trials as a “tried and tested” transgene. However, there is a surge in loading alternate and multiple transgenes in the clinic.

The space is moving towards research into a far greater variety of transgenes, including immune stimulation and tumor associated antigens, and combination therapies, including bispecifics and CAR-Ts.

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