Dynamics of clinical trials: COVID-19 impact
  • The bispecific clinical trial landscape continues to grow with 161 new trials initiated in 2020, the highest numbers ever seen in the history of bispecific antibodies. Q1 2020 looked to continue the consistent compounded growth we have seen throughout the bispecific clinical space.
The growing preclinical space
  • 254 – New preclinical assets in 2020
  • 33 – Drugs entered the clinic in 2020
  • 76 – New companies with specifics in the preclinical pipeline in 2020

Key Learnings

2020, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen the highest number of clinical trials ever initiated in one year; this is indicative of many preclinical drugs translating into the clinic.

The continued increase in drugs translated from preclinical to active trials reinforces attention, interest and new investment in the space.

Thanks to the promising late stage pipeline, we expect to see another Bispecific to be approved in 2021.

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