Growth In BCMA-targeted CAR-T trials

Observing the ongoing activity, the number of corporations implicated in the development of BCMA-targeted CAR-T therapies is higher compared to non-corporate developers, while this trend flips when looking at the sponsor type for trials.

Next-generation BCMA-targeted CAR-T

Highlighted approaches include the incorporation of a PI3K inhibitor for enriched T-cell memory phenotype and the use of the nonviral piggyBac transposon system for the gene delivery.

Key Learnings

The recent Priority Review granted for idecabtagene vicleucel by the FDA has paved the way for it to become the first approved anti- BCMA CAR-T therapy for the critical unmet need of R/R MM treatment.

Whilst the majority of BCMA-targeted therapies are being developed by corporations, most clinical trials are sponsored by non-corporate organizations and are in the early phases of clinical development.

Next generation BCMA CAR-T approaches are being developed with the aim of improving efficacy and safety profiles. However, it is yet to be seen, whether any one of them will manage to hit the milestone of a durable response in MM.

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