July 25 – 27 2023 | Boston, MA

Gamma Delta T cells prove an exciting technology for the treatment of solid tumor indications and beyond, the unique features of these cells are revolutionizing the development of allogeneic therapies.

As industry leaders supercharge their development; the race to demonstrate clinical efficacy is upon us, with data readouts from IN8bio, Adicet Bio, and Imcheck therapeutics to name a few.

We join the hotly anticipated 4th Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit to bring clinical and commercial Gamma Delta T Therapies to patients in need. Make sure to stop by the Beacon booth to discuss the landscape with our expert Adoptive Cell team.

As Gamma Delta T Therapeutics continues to showcase advancements, join the experts in this field to better characterize gamma delta subsets, drive efficacy through informed mechanisms of action and supercharge the homing, targeting, and immune surveillance for better, safer, and more efficacious gamma delta therapeutics.